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Isle of Man

Last updated: 14 May 2005
In general: all plates from the Brightwell collection (unless otherwise stated)
a full breakdown list of all Isle of Man number plates and there issuing dates since 1906: breakdownl

 nr. PictureDate of
first issue
Date of
last issue
1Jan 1906Mar 1935carMN 1-9999 
2Mar 1935Apr 1936carMAN 1-999this yellow plate is a remake after 1969
3Apr 1936May 1959carBMN 1-YMN 999 
4Oct 1940July 1952carMAN 1ALieutenant Governor's wife
5  dlrMN-A 74-1561948 MN-A74
6May 1959May 1964car1 MN-9999 MN 
7  dlr156 MN-Aincorrect format
1964 MN-A156
8  dlrMNA 12-225 
9May 1964Oct 1964car1 MAN-999 MAN 
10Oct 1964Aug 1971car1 BMN-999 YMN 
  carMAN 0Peel electric car, no real plates
Europlate (2x)
12  mcMN 1234curved
131969 car reflectorized yellow back white front
141970snowdlrMNA 159-436front triangle
1994 MNA 600
15 nowdlrMNA/52motorcycle
plate wanted
1998 MNA 730
used for cars that are build from parts or import cars without papers so that date of origin can not be established
1976 Q-20 MAN
2001 Q-96 MAN
17Nov 1971May 1974carMN 1-9999reissue
18May 1974Jan 1979carMAN 1A-MAN 999Y 
19Jan 1979May 1983carA1 MAN-Y999 MAN 
20May 1983July 1985carMAN 1000-9999front plate
21July 1985Aug 1987car1000-9999 MAN 
22Aug 1987Oct 1994carBMN 123Afront plate
Mar 1992 CMN 1H
23Aug 1987Oct 1994carBMN 123Arear plate
24Aug 1987Oct 1994carBMN/123Asquare
25Aug 1987Oct 1994mcBMN/123A 
26Oct 1994nowcarDMN-123-Afrontplate
July 1996 DMN 1M
27Oct 1994nowcarDMN-123-Arear plate
Jan 1998 EMN 1A
Oct 1994nowcarDMN/123-Asquare (2x)

car plate, mc-size used
GBM left-bottom
29Oct 1994nowmcDMN/123-AJune 2000 FMN 1A
Nov 2002 GMN 1A
? 2005 HMN 1A
30Oct 1994nowmc reissue
GBM left-bottom

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